VR Genesis

Create. Immerse. Discover.

We live in a visual world where ideas are everywhere. It can be a challenge to get our own thoughts from the sketch on the back of a napkin to a real product. In a world of risk assessment and budget tightness, how do you get your idea onto the shelf?

With VR Genesis, our skilled 3D modeling team takes your designs and creates them in a virtual environment. Whether it’s the virtual prototyping of the product, package design, shelf placement or marketing signage, SRT provides you with a way to test your product in the marketplace with minimal risk, and at a fraction of the cost.

Users who place the virtual reality headgear on and walk the virtual aisles of a store, will come across your product, realistically and clearly displayed. They can “pick up” the 3D-modeled virtual product and look at all its package surfaces, giving them a realistic perspective of what your product will look like. Perform a new level of market research on your new product that hasn’t previously been possible.

Do you want to test a marketing concept? Place your customers in a virtual car driving down an accurately 3D-modeled highway and discover whether your billboard gets noticed. Trial various packaging concepts in a virtual retail environment to discover the best way to grab your customer’s eyes at the shelf, or anything else that you can conceive. Our 3D modeling team will transition your ideas into a virtual reality that lets you conduct market research easily and cost-effectively.

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