VR Content Production

3D and Virtual Reality

Built-to-order or Off-The-Shelf

3D and VR content for creating and testing concepts, and accessing new opportunities.

See it to believe it: new product development, pack designs, in-store environments, point of sale elements and more can be realized with SRT’s virtual, 3D and VR modelling services. With our bespoke modelling options, you can visualise any concept you want tested or used in presentation, at a fraction of real-world prototyping and modelling costs.

Don’t let your great ideas get pushed aside. Not only can you test your proof of concept with shoppers, you can present it to clients and decision makers in a virtual environment so immersive and dimensional, your pitch will go from idea to reality in a flash.

Build your own VR media library

We can custom-build or modify 3D models and virtual environments. Also available: our library of pre-built VR models. Use our curated models and scenarios as-is to support your needs, or modify for customized use.

Product Insights

  • Quick setup, cost effective, re-useable
  • Adaptable to any category
  • Test multiple design variations at a time
  • Impactful visual presentation tool
  • Build your own, or use ours; you’ll own all the assets in your library that you create.

Visualised, modelled concepts at your service

Your proof of concept – whether being tested for optimisation or presented for approval and funding – requires the visualisation and modelling services available through SRT’s VR Content design and production team.

From bespoke options to off-the-shelf solutions

Creating new concepts and visualising them to show others what you are planning can be difficult. Choose from our library of VR models to create your VR presentation, or have us build a bespoke model just for you. This will minimize confusion and apprehension, will quickly get everyone on the same page, and move you closer to optimizing your new idea. It is the smart, fast, cost effective way to realize your vision.

Bridge the gap between “What?” and “Yes!”

State-of-the-art 3D modeling eliminates expensive prototyping. Create any environment, product, signage or fixture for testing in an accurate and realistic virtual setting, for insights into the sales and customer experience. Create shelf layouts and product placement to analyse shopper behaviour as they walk by. Moving beyond products and packaging, test an entire store layout. Survey participants experience your retail environment while you track their movements and eye lines. Discover which elements of your store attract the most (and least) attention, then design and implement changes in the real world with confidence.

Optimise your move to market

VR modeling supports concept development, quantitative research, data collection disclosing trending behaviors, and qualitative analysis to optimise your move to market.