Software Development

More Than Just Market Research Tools

We’ve built significant experience creating market research tools, and have built a strong suite of products that will help you develop and implement an in-depth research system within your business.

If, however, you happen to find that our existing product suite doesn’t suit your current individual needs, we will work with you to design, build and develop custom software that will meet your requirements.

It doesn’t stop at market research tools, either. Talk to us today about app development for your business or your customers, user interface design for internal systems and 3D-interactive website development to take your online marketing to a whole new level.

Mobile and Business Apps

Have an idea for a great app that will bring your business into the mobile world? With expertise in app development for both Android and iOS platforms, SRT can create for you a high-quality app that will fulfill your needs.

Android and iOS Capabilities

With two primary platforms to code for, app development can be an arduous task. We have the experience and know-how to build and develop an app for both major mobile platform designs. Over 99 percent of new smartphones use Android or Apple software, so your app will be available to almost anyone.

3D-Interactive Web Development

Take your online presence to the next level with 3D-interactive elements. Have your online customers choose the products they want to buy off a 3D shelf, or let them visualise that new pair of shoes from all angles, as if they were trying them on in a real store.

Contact Strategic Research Tools today to learn more about how SRT’s powerful tool kit benefit your company.

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Software Development
Software development for both Android and iOS Apple devices