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There are many pathways and directions a shopper can take through a store. They can walk straight past your product or marketing. They may not even enter the part of the store in which you have a presence, which means less or no sales for you.

Mapper is powerful enough to be able to show you if that is happening to you—to your product and/or marketing. Mapper gives you the chance to reposition your product or marketing, to increase your sales and exposure, and show the shopper how good your product or marketing truly is.

Mapper is a tablet-based application that allows you to conduct in-store customer tracking through a retail environment. Field agents are able to track shoppers from a distance without direct interaction, providing valuable retail-customer analytics and data.

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Tracking Shopper Behaviour with Virtual Mapper

Without spending a lot of money on shopper tracking equipment, it can be difficult to understand how your customers interact with your retail environment. However, with Mapper, you can track customers in the store without intruding on their experience. This generates natural and genuine insights into their behaviour, including their shopper’s journey, their product interaction and their time spent in the store.

Our built-in survey tool allows you to record specific demographics on the same tablet, increasing your in-store retail analytics by aligning particular profiles with particular interactions and behaviour.

All retail data collected via Mapper is available to you instantly on our online retail analytics dashboard, which provides you with real-time visualisation of customer behaviour in your retail environment.

Contact Strategic Research Tools today to discuss how our shopper tracker software can assist you in generating new levels of insight into retail customer behavior.

Using Virtual Mapper on a Tablet
Heat Map Example - BP Service Station store layout