Research Concepts

Stand Out From the Competition

If I replace my signage, will people notice?
If I change my packaging will shoppers buy more of my products?
So many questions we need answered before we make big changes or a pitch to change the status quo.

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For valuable answers, step your shopper or viewer into a virtual world in which you can test matters that are impossible to set up or alter in the real world. You can even test ideas that don’t yet exist.

Couple that with eye tracking, which enables you to see where your participants are looking and whether they notice the changes you have made. All of these tools are aimed at simplifying the process of making good decisions without the headache of dealing with people or restrictions in the real world.

It’s an ongoing requirement in the retail world—to be generating customer behaviour analytics and insights. Shopper tracking, consumer behaviour analysis and in-store retail analytics are just some of the buzzwords being used to assess how a customer navigates retail environments and how they interact with products, points of sale and fixtures.

Owning this insight gives you the power to make changes with low-cost, low-risk and high-reward opportunities.

Research Concepts with Eye Tracking

Test your product’s competitive positioning by tracking customer eye movements in a realistic virtual environment. Compare different packaging options and shelf layouts to get your product into the best marketable position. Our advanced market research technology gives you the confidence and assurances you need to enter a real world retail environment, while armed with a solid understanding of consumer behaviour.

Contact SRT today and let us show you the latest market research technology that will provide you with the edge over your competitors in retail.

Research concepts - shopper eye tracking at shelf
A or B Product Testing - Product packaging design development for Nestle Bits
Research and development demo of VR Eye Tracking