The Why Behind the What

There is so much distraction within a retail outlet that sometimes it is difficult to understand what influences a shopper to make the decisions they do. They won’t often reveal why they do what they do, yet it can be perilous making decisions based on what shoppers do without knowing why it is they bought this but not that.

That risk can be reduced. We can give you the ability to gather great insight, straight from the shopper, with our Monitor app. Monitor gathers direct data via in-situation shopper interviews. This saves a lot of time and headache, helps you make clear decisions, and takes the risk out of moving in the wrong direction.

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Monitor Field Member asking a shopper survey questions on tablet device

Monitor is a powerful and functional market research survey tool. It allows your field agents to gather specific information regarding customer behaviour by either standing back and observing shoppers in the retail environment, or approaching them for a face-to-face shopper market research survey.

This powerful tool also allows in-field studies to be completed in a digital format, using tablets rather than clipboards, sending the data straight to a comprehensive dashboard for real-time analysis of your market research survey data.

Completing the surveys in a retail environment and uploading them to our retail analytics dashboard means that your data is automatically compiled, synchronised and displayed for analysis and report creation. No more double handling or time lost in data entry!

Monitor is a completely customisable market research survey tool that puts the power in your hands to generate comprehensive retail data analytics in a live environment, and at a low cost.

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User completing a Monitor question on a tablet device
Shopper taking a Monitor Survey