The Why Behind The What

The retail world is quickly moving and ever evolving through product development, placement and testing. It continues to push the boundaries.

In a fast-paced world like this, it’s imperative to remain competitive by staying up to date with the latest trends, tactics and technology. SRT is here to assist you to do just that by bringing leading-edge research tools to you, for quality data collection and analytics that keep you ahead of the curve.

With completely customisable applications, SRT can take your product from concept to being placed on the shelf with confidence. Our proprietary market research technology gives you the assurance of a competitive edge in the retail environment.

Generate In-Store Retail Analytics

SRT has been providing market research solutions for years. We are at the forefront of developing the latest market research technology to provide you with real-time in-store analytics in the retail environment. Interpret the data that you have gathered through our retail analytics dashboard, and know with absolute confidence that you’re staying up to date with the latest customer behaviour data.

Qualitative Market Research Tools

Use our market research data collection tools directly or indirectly, generating customer insights through interviews and direct interaction, or by passive observation of customer behaviour. Our products are completely customisable to your needs, giving you complete control over the data you receive.

Customer Behaviour Analysis

Conduct consumer behaviour research in a live or virtual environment with our latest market research tools. Our shopper tracking systems will help you track shoppers’ paths through the retail environment, as well as analyse their interaction with products, shelving and point of sale.

SRT Market Research Tools

Product Logo - Mapper Market Research Tool

Virtual Mapper

Understanding the shopper journey and what they do along that journey is vital to your product positioning, and where you place your marketing material. Mapper provides a way to tell you this story, and equips you to make better decisions in store.

Product Logo - Monitor Market Research Tool


Simplifying the process of capturing and gathering shopper behaviours is now easy with Monitor. It gives your field force the tool to use to run in store behavioural observations, as well as gathering and compiling exit interview data in a simple, fast way.

Product Logo - ShopperWatch Market Research Tool


Deploy to large numbers of online survey participants to gather accurate insight into shopper behaviour and activity at the shelf. Achieved with high end 3D models and animations to replicate your store and shelf layouts exactly. Test merchandising, pricing, packaging, and marketing quickly and efficiently.

Product Logo - SRT's Research Concepts

Research Concepts

Seeing what the shopper sees is very difficult, and gaining that insight is powerful. With Research Concepts, we can test new ideas and track where shoppers look to see if you are noticed or not. Giving you insight to implement without the risk.