Capturing Consumer Behaviour

POS & Product Placement

When we are preparing to launch into a new campaign it is important to understand your shoppers, and the “why” behind what they do in the store your products are sitting. If we don’t understand why they do what they do, then you run the risk of creating and implementing point of sale that will not reach your target market. Or your product will be sitting in the wrong location to grab your shoppers’ attention to be considered amongst the competition. We assist you lowering your risk in this and give you the tools to ensure your point of sale and products are positioned to gain the best impact on your shoppers’ journey.

Package Testing

Shoppers are mostly creatures of habit, and it has been shown that they instinctively buy products they are familiar with and have bought in the past. So, it is difficult to grab the shoppers’ attention and convince them to now buy your product. Pack testing can bring new insight to show you if a new package design can swing the shopper from their standard behaviour, to noticing and buying yours instead. The insight gathered could give you enough power to replace a shopper’s standard purchase over to your product. With the right insight shopper, behavioural patterns can be broken.

Heat Maps

Shoppers moving through a retail outlet seems random, although some are very direct, and it is imperative to get an understanding of this movement. This will allow you to be more strategic in your store layout, product placement, and point of sale placement. Heat maps recorded from tracking shoppers gives you this power and ability to make insightful decisions and to remove bottle necks in store, and setup the store for a greater impact on shoppers.

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