360 Exposure

A Revolution in Retail Marketing and Communication

360 Exposure is SRT’s advanced visual communication tool developed for retail and event-based marketing applications. It is a revolutionary process designed to make communication between supplier, buyer and retail more efficient and effective. The streamlined process capitalizes on intelligent technology to manage logistics associated with the development, acceptance and marketing of a product. 360 Exposure provides you with a competitive advantage; it is purpose built and individually tailored to create successful retail marketing solutions for your company.

How Does 360 Exposure Work?

360 Exposure is a presentation platform that utilizes walk-through, three-dimensional, interactive renderings of retail- and event-based locations. Product, fixturing and point-of-sale materials can be precisely — virtually — placed, viewed and updated to the exacting specifications of individual environments of choice, and you will incur no extraneous fees. With 360 Exposure you can assess, present and coordinate the development, acceptance and delivery of your product and design. You can also communicate and coordinate the use of retail and venue-based environments.

Product Logo - 360 Exposure Presentation Tool
360 Exposure

Key Areas of Performance:


  • Product, fixturing and point of sale can be precisely placed, viewed and evaluated within a virtual retail environment.
  • Design and marketing can be assessed for their functionality, presence and variation, allowing for more strategically focused decision-making.


  • 360 can be used for internal or commercial review.
  • It is designed to be used as a strategic presentation and negotiation tool, to assist in the development, acceptance and implementation of retail marketing efforts.


  • Communication between supplier, buyer and store can be coordinated by secure, online access to individual 360 project presentations.
  • Retail marketing efforts can be coordinated at all levels using a common platform.


  • Coordinate the set-up of product and sales materials at individual retail locations.
  • Assist proprietors in decision-making and ordering with online access to presentations and strategic planograms.

360 Exposure Key Features

  • Interactive interface freely explores the 360 environments
  • Smooth real-time, walk-through, 3D visualisation
  • Multiple-product, fixturing and POS configurations from a single presentation
  • Adaptable menu system that is individualised to a clients’ needs
  • Updatable images within the scene, including point of sale, stock and fixtures
  • Reusable format
  • New presentations are easily created, and old ones are just as easily updated
  • Choice of pre-set camera views within a scene to focus on important features
  • Add MP3 or voice-over in to presentation
  • Camera tool takes and saves pictures of any view from any angle
  • Ability to add text and icons to individually brand the interface identity
  • Planograms can be uploaded and viewed based on location and level of merchandise
  • Securely store, manage and deliver your presentation online.
Boardroom presentation of 3D generated store layout concept designs
3D Realistic Store Environments - Chemmart Store Layout
Bunnings Warehouse store fit out design development in a virtual environment