Concept Development

Bring Your Product into the Real World … Virtually

The journey for a new concept can start with something as simple as a sketch on a napkin. Getting your idea from this stage to a new product on the shelf, or to a new fixture in place, or even gaining more advantage from the space for your marketing campaign can be an arduous and expensive journey of market research, consumer behaviour analysis, product design and more.

The solution is to create custom 3D models of your design. Imagine being able to perform consumer research analysis on your product design concepts before spending the money in real-world research and development. NO WORRIES: You’ll be bringing your product into the real world…virtually!

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Boardroom review of store layout comparison results
Reviewing research testing results

Let us help you Test and Evaluate your ideas …

Whether it’s a brand-new chocolate bar or a brand-new store, you can see your sketches come to life in realistic 3D, and conduct market research data collection without the risk of developing expensive prototypes. You’ll wow your stakeholders.

Get Ideas Out of Your Head

One of the most difficult parts of product development can be getting the idea out of your head and in front of a board or investors. Let us apply some creative magic to bring your idea to life and create one or more virtual prototypes for your early-stage development.

Perform Market Research … Virtually

Test and evaluate your various design ideas before spending time and money on building a physical prototype. Our 3D models will allow you to collect valuable data analytics for retail by testing various design alternatives in high detail without the cost of development.

This one step will save you the significant time and money it takes to have a prototype created.

Generate Interest

Get the word out and generate hype for your new product, while it’s still in development, with our visually powerful concept development and animation.

From Concept to Production

Start with a 3D prototype of your concept and, then, continue to save money throughout the development process by doing your market research analysis in a 3D retail environment. To really impress your audience, use the same 3D concept in our VR Genesis platform to immerse your audience in the environment, and get a real look at your concept, all while still in the virtual world