What’s Your Retail Advantage?

It’s a tough game in retail today, competing not only with direct competitors down the street, but also against a world of online retailers on a global scale. This increase in retail competition has had a significant impact on the industry. Many retailers are scratching their heads, wondering how they can gain an advantage in the market.

While many are shifting their focus to conducting business purely online, brick and mortar retail shops will likely never disappear. No matter how advanced technology gets, there will probably always be some percentage of consumers who prefer to do their shopping in person at a physical retail environment.

This opens up the opportunity to assess market research tools that can enhance your brand, both online and within the physical retail outlet, and establish retail analytics that demonstrate what your shoppers are looking for in each of these scenarios.

How SRT can help

With our experience in both the retail analytics and the market research sectors, SRT has developed—and continues to develop—services and consumer research tools that provide retail analytics, allowing you to better assess where you are and where you could be going.

With our market research tools, we can lower your risk in trialing new products, designs and environments. This provides you with a clear direction in which to discover the most effective strategies to move forward. Whether it’s introducing a new product range, developing new packaging, trialing a new point-of-sale or even evaluating your entire store layout in virtual reality, our retail analytics solutions will make sure you get things right.

Contact SRT today for more information on how we can partner with you to provide the retail data analytics that will give you a market advantage.

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