At SRT we understand that the retail game is a very competitive market. Trying to wedge your product or product range into the retail market can be difficult, so every advantage and angle you can get to grab a retailer’s or buyer’s attention is important.

Consumer Behaviour Analysis made easier

SRT provides custom retail tracking systems that analyse customer behaviour across a range of settings. Using our digital market research technology, you are able to generate valuable consumer behaviour analysis without the expense of creating multiple real-world options for packaging, product placement and signage.

How SRT can help

It is our desire to provide you with valuable consumer research tools that will allow you to stand out from the multitude who line up to outdo you. We are here to equip you to deliver a powerful visual impact that grabs the customer’s attention and holds it.

As a business-to-business partner, SRT endeavours to take your ideas and concepts and bring them to life for your audience. Our virtual consumer market research systems—filled with valuable consumer behaviour insights that reduce risk, lower costs and improve decision making—give you everything you need and more to make that winning pitch or presentation.

Contact SRT to discuss how our customer research tools can help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

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