Company Facts

Equipping and Empowering You To Reach Your Goals

Strategic Research Tools is a creative, quick-response company, known for designing and developing solutions for research agencies, retailers and product manufacturers.

The retail world is fast-changing and ever-evolving. Product development, placement and testing is required on an almost ongoing basis in order to maintain competitiveness; the market is constantly welcoming new innovation. Whether it’s tracking shoppers on their journey through a retail environment, winning shelf space or maximising the advantages of your use of marketing space, SRT is equipped to give you an edge.

We develop customisable applications that allow you to conduct market research and customer behaviour analysis effectively, easily and efficiently. We take the risk out of product research by letting you analyse consumer behaviour in a virtual environment where you control the variables.

Strategic Research Tools’ staff members bring dynamic skills to the table, allowing us to deliver highly creative and effective solutions to your business needs. We are known to turn on a dime, delivering high-quality concepts, presentations and research technology.

We have worked with companies such as Fonterra, Nestlé, the Nielsen Company, Coca-Cola, Unilever, P&G, GSK, Koji, GFK, Diageo, Foster’s, 20th Century Fox and Mondelēz. It has been our privilege and an exciting journey to work alongside these industry leaders, assisting them in their research analysis, and optimising their message and positioning.

  • Australian-based company supporting global services, mainly in the retail, manufacturing and market research sectors
  • Operates a software and application design and development hub
  • Specialises in online applications to gather data via interactive surveys and creation of high-end interactive presentations
  • Provides high-quality, three-dimensional simulations and applications
  • Creates 3D software tools, as well as corporate presentations and concept design, along with virtual reality-based, visually stunning research and presentation applications
  • Excellent reputation as a supplier of high-quality design and development, research applications and online interactive virtual environments
  • Committed to offering the most relevant, leading-edge technology tools customised to its clients’ specific research and retail needs.