Create. Evaluate. Communicate.

We want to provide you with a competitive advantage through our suite of innovative data collection tools. These tools empower you to make better business and creative decisions. Adding to your arsenal, we also want to equip your company with the visual assets that allow you to create, test and present using 3D and Virtual Reality technologies. This provides you with visual power to Create effectively, Evaluate and present correct insight, and Communicate through immersive presentations.

Faster to Market

New Ideas.
Faster to Market.

Bullet proof your advantage by getting your concepts in front of the right people. Fast approval gives you the edge.

Lowers risk and high costs

Lowers risk and
removes high cost.

Remove the high cost of poor decisions. Having the right information at the right time eliminates costly mistakes.

Delivers insight and results

Delivers insight with
pertinent results.

Turn complex data into simple solutions. This increases your bottom line based on the right information.

Highly visual and immersive icon

Highly visual and immersive.

Powerful and immersive presentations tools, showcasing your concepts and ideas, with the data to back them up.

Interacting with product off the shelf in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality with VR Genesis

VR Content Production | Research Tools | Retail Applications

There is always constant pressure on us to evolve, and to keep up with our competitors, but most often budgets are tight and it’s difficult to justify pushing in a different direction. It’s a risk, but a greater risk is your great ideas can get pushed aside and you miss opportunities. Being able to visually create your concept and test it, then present it in a virtual and immersive environment can help your pitch go from being a thought to reality very quickly. Your audience will be amazed with the impact of your presentation; we are sure you will succeed.

Tracking Shopper Behaviour with Virtual Mapper

Market Research Tools

Mapper | Monitor | Shopper Watch | Eye-Tracking

The competitive nature of research and retail is ongoing, and finding an advantage can be difficult when pursuing the same projects as your competitors. SRT can partner with you and your research agency, and by utilising our suite of innovative data collection tools, increase your competitive advantage. Making data collection innovative, and enhancing your reporting with high end presentations.

Female consumer comparing product in a supermarket aisle

Capturing Consumer Behaviour

POS & Product Placement |  Packaging Tests | Heat Maps

Understanding consumer behaviour will certainly drive your bottom line and guarantee more sales. That’s where a lot of companies fall short, and don’t take the time to invest in the insight to make better decisions and reach their shoppers. If you’re testing new products, refining your existing products or creating a brand-new campaign to drive them further, collecting the data about your consumers’ behaviours helps focus your efforts in the right area. Get creative and become more competitive with our suite of data collection tools and drive your sales further.

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